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UK Rider Anya Colley joins JetSurf Factory Team for 2018

UK Rider Anya Colley joins JetSurf Factory Team for 2018

She might have been less experienced with Jetsurf when entering her debut round of the MotoSurf WorldCup at Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire in 2017, but her progress has been impressive. Seven times Jetski World Champion Anya Colley, who is sponsored by Luxury Watercraft company H2O Leisure Group, found a new passion in racing motorized surfboards and has done the same thing she has always done in her career so far – she went super fast.

Heading into her second race of the 2017 Championship, held in Prague, Anya already meant business in the women’s category making it through the heats to the Final A appearance. Unfortunately, illness forced her to drop out. The series culminated in Naples, Florida and Anya Colley #52 joined the game stronger than ever. Making two strong Final A races, she managed to clinch the podium and get a dream result, finishing 3rd overall. She couldn’t have hoped for a better end of the season and we are sure there is even more to come.

For the 2018 Motosurf campaign, the likeable British rider joins forces with the Jetsurf Factory Team and is already looking forward to joining her team mates at the pre-season testing session in Croatia.

If you require more information about the Motosurf World Championships or the JetSurf Motorised Surfboard for recreation please contact H2O Leisure Group on +44 (0) 1476 978 137 or visit Also please feel free to visit us at the UK leg of the Motosurf World Championships on 22-24 June at Wyboston Lakes.

2018 Race Dates:

7-9 June 2018 –
Brno, Czech Republic

22-24 June 2018 –
Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire UK

20-22 July 2018 –
Shanghai, China

26-28 July 2018 –
Busan, Korea

26-28 October 2018 –
Naples, USA

About MotoSurf WorldCup

MotoSurf WorldCup is one of the most advanced, safest and cheapest Motorsport in the world.

The Jetsurf Raceboards are ultra light weight high tech water machines, with the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane (as personal luggage on international/domestic carrier flights). This allows all MSWC Racers to travel easily around the world together with their machine — a unique attribute in comparison to other motorized vehicles and motorized sports. This makes the MotoSurf WorldCup the cheapest, economical and environmentally most advanced and friendly Motorsport in the world today.

Our Jetsurf Raceboards are the fastest water machines which are self carrying by its Riders.
Last but not least is the MotoSurf WorldCup one of the safest Motorsport in the world, with Jetsurf Raceboards weighing as little as 18kg, the kinetic energy is minimal, if a Rider falls off his Raceboard and cuts the engine via the kill switch his Raceboard will stop after maximum 5 meter. There is little to no danger to the Racers, this is why other famous Motorsport icons such as WRC, F1, MotoGP, Red Bull Air Race Pilots are training and racing with the Jetsurf Raceboards.

Green Technlogy

In the MotoSurf WorldCup Races we not only show the limits of the possible in racing and technology but also focus on our environment. The Jetsurf Raceboards are propelled by an ultra light weight state of the art engine, built by MSR Engines. A Jetsurf is one of the most advanced water vehicles on the market today, in comparing speed, range and consumption to its CO2 emissions.

Our Partner MOTOREX is one of the worldwide most advanced high tech oil manufacturer. All Raceboards are using environmentally degradable Motorex Oil.
Furthermore in order to achieve a Zero Carbon Footprint Jetsurf is planting a tree for every Jetsurf sold, one dedicated to each JetSurf. An average customer is using his Jetsurf approximately 120 hours per year and produces about 25kg of CO2, the same amount which one adult tree can absorb each year.