Superyacht Tenders

The H2O Range of products make ideal tenders for super yachts. Whether you are looking for easily transportable toys, inflatables or chase boats, there is sure to be something suitable for everyone within the range, no matter the size of your yacht.

H2O Leisure Group have provided many products to super yachts and will be with you every step of the way, from delivery to full training.

Scarab Jet Boats

Enhanced Safety, Improved Performance and an Excellent Service. Plenty of room for friends, family, & fun. no room for mediocrity.

Scarab® was born to challenge the conventions of boat design, so you can challenge the limits of boating. It’s in our heritage. It’s who we are. And it’s why we design and build boats that excite all the senses, from first look to first push of the throttle.


The Ewave electric surfboard is a super comfortable ride. It has an LED battery display indicator and the cable length can be adjusted in seconds allowing for ultimate precision and control.

Made from lightweight carbon fibre and fully electric, the Ewave is easily portable and, most importantly, emits ZERO EMISSIONS.

With a top speed of 56km/h, long battery life and fast charging, EWAVE guarantees plenty of high octane days on the water.

EWAVE V2 6000


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We are proud to be the UK Dealer for the prestigious and exclusive Four Winns Range of Motorboats. Among the Four Winns Sports range are some of the most ideal Tender & Chase Boats on the market.


The Flyboard is a water jet powered board which universally connects to all Jet-ski brands & our range of Scarab Jet Boats and allows underwater propulsion and flights of up to 12 meters in height.

There is more than one way to fly and with Zapata's range of hydroflyers you can take to the sky in a variety of ways.

Jetpack by ZR

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Flyboard Pro Series

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Flyboard Sport

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Inflatables and Boards from Jobe make for ideal lightweight, space-saving tenders for any boat. With a full range of accessories and safety equipment, we also have you covered with all your boating essentials.