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You Can Have Joint Ownership of a Wakeboarding Boat, a Jet Boat or Even a Luxury Motor Yacht

There are many clients who love their boats and will also have the time to use them flat out all year round. There are also clients who, for whatever reason, simply can’t do that. So, H2O Leisure Group have developed a programme of joint ownership, giving wakeboarders, surfers and those that just love boats, the opportunity to jointly own a boat with three other likeminded owners.

It can be a Centurion Wakeboarding Boat, a Scarab Jet Boat or even a Segue Luxury Motor Yacht, all of which we are the UK and European Distributors for.

Here’s How Joint Boat Ownership Will Work for You...

Here’s how it works, you buy your 25% share in whichever boat takes your fancy, which means you’re one of four who equally own the boat. Each owner has access to the boat for 13 weeks of the year, so you each have your boat for a minimum of 1 week out of every four.

Of course, plans change and although each of you as the boat owners is contractually guaranteed the boat for 1 week in 4, you can of course swap your weeks if you are unable to use your boat in your scheduled week. When you’re not using your boat, it will be fully maintained, insured and kept in top condition by H2O Leisure Group on your behalf. Everything is managed by us.


All of which means that you can have access to, and ownership of the top boats in the UK without any stress, for a fraction of the price and get 100% enjoyment on your allocated weeks.

So, who do you know that would just love to share a boat with you?

Speak with Matt at H2O Leisure Group and find out more about how you can own a luxury boat today, call now on +44 (0) 1476 978 137