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Neale Smith Centurion Fi21 - Various Warranty Items
ID: 11045Status: Parts ArrivedHull/Serial Number: US-FINA0565E020Report Date: 22nd February 2023Product: Centurion
ReporterLuke Allport

Low Oil Pressure - This happened towards the end of our session with the boat yesterday, an audible alarm came on and the ‘Engine Oil Pressure' warning diagnostic came up on the screen. Pics attached of the two warnings and the screen showing 0 psi oil pressure. As soon as the warning came on we stopped using the boat and packed her away. Whilst the engine does turn on, there is no power.

Light in Bow - Light on the starboard side of the bow area does not work. Pic attached

Light on Tower Speaker - Light on left side tower speaker does not work. Pic attached

Panel above dashboard sticking up - pic attached

Floor by drivers seat lifting up - Pic attached

Rear Bench / Seat - The bench has bowed considerably. (Looks like a poor design and would benefit from a central support). 2 Pics attached

Heater Tubing Ripped - Pic attached

Ballast Tanks - The transom bag only fills and empties by pressing the button for the bow bag. The bow ballast does not fill at all.

If it needs a service and to be winterised can you please do what is required. Also, as below can we pay to have it cleaned for when it is returned in April?

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