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You’ll find a choice of Hot Tubs and swim spas in Grantham, Lincolnshire, along with the knowledge and experience that will help you make a fully qualified decision about what’s the best option for you.

Whatever your reason for investing in a hot tub or a swim spa, we’ll help you decide based upon your ‘why’.


So, what are the real differences between hot tubs and a swim spas?

One of our customers described a swim spa as being a place to enjoy a good, therapeutic work out, followed by a relaxing soak and a massage.

That’s not a bad description, although there are some key differences.

Most people buy a hot tub to relax in, seeing it as a place to gently wake up in the morning with your coffee or to unwind from the rigours of the day. You can talk and chill out or just ‘be’.

In your hot tub you’ll usually have seats, loungers or both. You’ll be immersed in wonderfully warm water, with or without the jets treating your muscles to a fabulous massage, gently or firmly reducing the stresses of the day and increasing your relaxation. Hot tub massage jets are regularly used to reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension, as well as improving circulation, energy and alertness, whilst helping to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

A swim spa has more space and includes turbines or pump jets that deliver enough power to create resistance for you to swim against. The harder you want your workout, the higher you crank up your water resistance pressure. How long you swim for is determined by you and with no turning or having to change direction, it’s like an endless pool.

The beauty of a swim spa is that once you’ve completed your exercise and had a decent workout, you can use it as a ‘normal’ hot tub to relax in and unwind, that is, provided you’re happy to relax in a lower temperature than a conventional hot tub. The reason being that when swimming the temperature is generally set at around 27°C … with a hot tub you’d want it to be in the range of 38°C. Although it is all about personal preference, it’s important to remember that whilst you can use your swim spa as a hot tub it will take approximately an hour to increase the temperature of that volume of water by 1°C. So, you’re not swimming and want to relax you may have to plan ahead depending on the time of the year.

Whatever you’re thinking about investing in, a trained H2O Leisure Group advisor will be happy to come and complete a site survey for you, to ensure that every angle and option is considered and will work well for you. Just get in touch to discuss and ask questions and we’ll be happy to help.

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