Ocean or lake, always Ewave.

The Ewave electric surfboard is a super comfortable ride. It has an LED battery display indicator and the cable length can be adjusted in seconds allowing for ultimate precision and control.

Made from lightweight carbon fibre and fully electric, the Ewave is easily portable and, most importantly, emits ZERO EMISSIONS.

With a top speed of 56km/h, long battery life and fast charging, EWAVE guarantees plenty of high octane days on the water.

The World's First Dual Purpose Jet Board

Jet Board? Foil Board? Which one do I Choose?

Introducing EWAVE Fly Mode!

EWAVE Jet Boards are specifically designed to be compatible with our unique interchangeable Jet Foil Propulsion System.

That's right, you now have the best of both worlds!

Our Foil attachment easily swaps out and replaces the Jet Pump System providing you whichever experience you desire based on riding conditions.

Flat water? Use the Jet Board to slide it!
Choppy water? Use the Foil to fly above it!

*Jet Foil attachment sold separately


Length: 1760mm
Width: 610mm
Height: 180mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Power: 10 KW
RPM: 6000
Top Speed: 56km/h
Battery Life: 30-40min
Weight: 30Kg
Voltage: 48V
Capacity: 56AH
Charge Time: Fast charge 3 hours
Cooling System: External Water-cooled
Max Load: 100Kg


EWAVE V2 6000





H2O Leisure Group are the UK Distributor for EWAVE Electric Jetboards

If you would like any more information on the EWAVE range please contact us:

tel: +44 (0) 1476 978 137

email: matt@h2oleisuregroup.com