JetSurf Motorised Surfboard – Ex Demo 2019 Adventure DFi


Jetsurf Adventure DFI

Taking a long distance JETSURF trip has never been easier. Make it a superb adventure with the JETSURF ADVENTURE DFI, which introduces a couple of brand-new features. A higher level of independence will be secured by a specially-designed rack in the front part of the board. Additional equipment to make your journey more enjoyable can be carried in a specially designed duffel, or you can just put additional fuel onboard and enjoy cruising time of up to 3 hours. The 2019 JETSURF ADVENTURE is equipped with a DFI low emission impact engine.



LENGTH: 1800 mm / 70.87 inches

WIDTH: 600 mm / 23.62 inches

HEIGHT: 150 mm / 5.91 inches

WEIGHT: 18.5 kg / 40.8 pounds

MAX LOAD: 120 kg / 264 pounds

FUEL CAPACITY: 2.8 l / 0.74 gallons

PADS: Standard - 4 straps


PROPULSION SYSTEM: Jet-Pump direct drive

RACING PUMP: Carbon fiber; Axial flow; single stage



TYPE: 2 stroke engine NG 100 DFI


FUEL: Unleaded 95 + full synthetic 2 stroke racing oil

TOP SPEED: 55 km/h   /   35 mph



STARTER: 3F brushless starter

BATTERY: Li-Ion 9 Ah (100Wh) - The engine does not recharge the battery, there is accumulator which will give you approximately 150 starts or 3 hours of continuous riding without recharging. Recharging takes approximately 45 min. and can be done via a car cigarette lighter output or socket.


JetSurf Adventure DFi - 2019 Ex Demo: £9,995

Including delivery

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