H2O Winter Buying Plan

We want to make buying a boat this time of year not only attractive and beneficial but as easy and as hassle free as possible.

Buying a boat once the Summer has finished has it's benefits but also comes with some hassle and downsides we want to take the hassle and inconvenience out of the equation.

There are several benefits of buying a boat in the Autumn and Winter:

  • Lots of choice, people selling and upgrading allows you to have a better range of boat to choose from
  • Prepare in advance for the coming season and know that everything is purchased and ready to go when your season begins
  • Buying in the winter means you are not buying when everyone else is, therefore paying a fair price not an inflated 'summer price'

Here are the potential downsides we can help with:

  • Why buy a boat now when I wont be using it? ‘’My warranty will have ended before I get it on the water''
  • I would have to store the boat over winter having not used it
  • I would have to service/winterise the boat
  • I would need to insure a boat I'm not using
  • Its a lot of money to spend on something that I will not be using for a while

The H2O Winter Buying Plan wants to turn all of these Downsides into Upsides and make buying a boat In the winter not only an option but a really attractive proposition.

The Winter Buying Plan works like this:

  • Secure your new/used dream boat with a £500 Deposit, which can be paid over the phone by card, bank transfer or debit card/cash in store
  • Split the payment over as many smaller payments as you like up until April next year
  • We will Winterise the boat free of charge
  • We will Store your new boat free of Charge over the winter in our secure indoor storage unit
  • Our insurance will cover your boat whilst it is stored with us
  • We will only start your warranty when you collect the boat and not a day before so you get full use of your warranty when it counts
  • When you decide you are ready to receive delivery of your new boat it will be fully cleaned, polished and a full handover will take place so you know you are starting off on the right foot

We don't think it gets any easier to buy your dream boat this winter but we are flexible and always open to suggestions that may suit you better so please do get in touch if you have any questions.

We look forward to being with you every step of the way as you begin your new boat journey.

New Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub Range!

The brand new Hydropool Serenity 6800 model is now in stock! This all-new model comes in the stunning Silver Marble & Designer Driftwood colour scheme!

Invite your family and friends over for a fun night of laughs and entertainment. The Serenity 6800 allows for 6-7 people to fit comfortably and includes 4 personalised wellness zones for the ultimate hot tub experience. Enjoy a night with family and friends without sacrificing comfort. Take your relaxation and therapy to the next level with the biggest, most spacious Serenity Hot Tub model available.

The Hydropool Serenity 6800 is available to view at our showroom now by appointment only. To arrange a viewing please call +44 (0) 1476 978 137

New H2O Showroom Opens in Grantham

H2O Leisure Group are proud to announce we have opened a new showroom in Grantham.

Our entire range of products including Scarab Jet Boats, Four Winns Motor Yachts, EWAVE Jet Boards and Hydropool Hot Tubs will now be available to view under one roof at our new showroom within Limesquare Industrial Estate, Grantham.

This new premises will be fully staffed and many safety measures have been put in place as we continue to work through the difficulties presented by COVID-19. At present viewings on our range of products are strictly by appointment only to assist with social distancing regulations and to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible.

If you would like to pay us a visit for a coffee and to view our luxury range then please get in touch on +44 (0) 1476 978 137

Testimonial: Scarab 195 ID

Robert Farrell - Scarab 195 ID Owner

Just wanted to send a quick mail to say thank you for everything. My family & I have enjoyed our first weekend on the water & it was magnificent. Even the dog had a great time!

The boat is everything we wanted & more. It’s certainly been the talking point in the marina as she looks unreal in the flesh!! The fit & finish of the Scarab really is a league above anything else on the water without spending huge money!

Lots of interest in the boat & where we got her, so have passed on your details. People were particularly impressed with how easy she was to dock. Spinning on her axis is quite the party trick it seems!

Sincerely appreciate your service and look forward to a long & prosperous boating relationship with Scarab UK & H2O!

Kindest regards,
Robert, Nicola, Damian, Owen & Kaiser