AquaVia Martinique Hot Tub

250 x 250 - 6 places
Collection Professional Spa

The most popular professional hot tub

The Aquavia Martinique Hot Tub is a reasonably-sized round hot tub (2.5 metres in diameter) and is the most popular professional hot tub for commercial use from Aquavia Spa. It is a 6-person hot tub that can be easily installed either indoors or outdoors, in businesses that are open to the public or in private residential areas. Buying a hot tub like the Martinique is a safe bet.

The Spa Martinique provides all types of hydromassage with bubbles using the Relax Impact System designed by Aquavia Spa engineers, with optional LED chromotherapy (or underwater white spotlight in the standard model), among other options. It has a total of 8 hydrotherapy water jets (aimed at your back), with three different layouts distributed among the 6 positions and 12 pressurised hot air nozzles. It is an excellent general product for a very wide range of users.

A professional, functional and reliable hot tub

The Spa Martinique is a basic model from the professional range. It isn’t the top of the line in terms of power or variety of jets, nozzles or massage positions, but it is still the most popular because it is a practical, accessible and highly reliable product. It is a smart choice if you’re looking for a good complement to your personal care, sports or hotel business or establishment, or if you want professional hydrotherapy at home, with a high performance even in the case of high occupancy and intensive use.

The external filtration system recommended by Aquavia Spa includes the option of adding an automatic chlorine dispenser and water pH control, as well as an ozonator for faster and more efficient water purification. Another option for saving energy is to buy an isothermal hot tub cover, which helps the water maintain its temperature.

Acrylic Finishes

Color Blanco


Color Blue Marble

Blue Marble

Color Sterling Marble


Technical data sheet

General specifications

  • Hot tub dimensions (cm): 250
  • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 6 (6 / -)
  • Spas water volume (liters): 1.370 l
  • Spa Weight: (empty - full): 208 / 1.578 Kg.


  • Hot tub number of jets: 8
  • Spa with air injectors: 12
  • Hot tub with galvanised metal frame: Yes
  • Stainless Jets / Nozzles: Optional
  • White LED spotlight: 1 LED
  • Hot tub with piezoelectric pulsators: 2
  • Overflowing spa: Yes
  • Compensation deposit: (1.000 l.)


  • Spa Helmet Colors: White, Blue Marble, Sterling
  • Design Line: Yes
  • Hull finish type: Acrylic
  • Chromotherapy LED Spotlight: Optional

Compact kit

  • Compact Kit - Filter: D.650
  • Compact Kit - Massage Pump: 1,4 kW
  • Compact Kit - Blower Pump: 1,3 kW
  • Compact Kit - Filtration Pump: 0,82 kW
  • Compact Kit - Heating: 6 kW
  • Compact Kit - Push Buttons / Control: Piezoelec.
  • Compact Kit - Power required (W): 9.500 W
  • Compact Kit - Power required (A): 18,2 A
  • Compact Kit - Voltage: 400 V III
  • Compact Kit - Ozonator: Optional