AquaVia Hydra Hot Tub

365x280 - 13 places
Collection Professional Spa

Endless hydromassage

The Aquavia Hydra Hot Tub is spectacular: a hot tub that looks more like a swimming pool than a hydromassage tub, with space for 10 people. It is marketed as a high-capacity hot tub with excellent performance for wellness establishments and businesses, leisure establishments and sports complexes. Buying a hot tub like the Hydra means prioritising efficiency in high-occupancy situations.

This large professional range hot tub has a striking design that gives it great presence while boosting the image of the space or establishment it forms a part of. It is an overflow hot tub with the option of adding on a surge tank of up to 2,000 litres to recover the overflow water through the grille when fewer people are in it.

Like all of the hot tubs in the Aquavia Spa professional or commercial range, the Hydra is a hydromassage tub whose technical equipment is installed externally, along with its corresponding control cabinet to regulate all of its functions. This includes a hydrotherapy pump, an air injection pump that heats the air to the temperature of the water, a powerful water heater and a filtration pump with a sand filter. Additionally, Aquavia Spa recommends an ozonator to improve water purification in situations of intensive use. It is also important to consider adding an isothermal cover to maintain the water temperature when the hot tub is not operating.

A large hot tub for all target audiences

The Hydra is a large, high-capacity professional hot tub designed for all target audiences, to be installed in facilities with high numbers of users, such as gyms, spas, wellness areas or relaxation areas in hotels. It is made to withstand continuous use and to operate at full capacity for long periods of time.

With its 32 hydrotherapy jets and 16 pressurised air jets (Relax Impact System from Aquavia Spa), it has the power and reliability to guarantee a complete massage circuit for all occupants simultaneously with its four different jet layouts, distributed among its 13 positions.

It is a hot tub with high performance and guaranteed durability, designed according to the Aquavia Spa‘s Barcelona Design philosophy and completely manufactured, packaged and tested at Aquavia‘s premises with no outsourcing. This guarantee is backed by the quality seals that recognise the excellence of the Aquavia Spa brand, ensuring a product with supreme quality and proven reliability.

Acrylic Finishes

Color Blanco


Color Blue Marble

Blue Marble

Color Sterling Marble


Technical data sheet

General specifications

  • Hot tub dimensions (cm): 365x280
  • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 13 (13 / -)
  • Spas water volume (liters): 2.490 l
  • Spa Weight: (empty - full): 373 Kg / 2.863 Kg


  • Hot tub number of jets: 32
  • Spa with air injectors: 16
  • Hot tub with galvanized metal frame: Yes
  • Stainless Jets / Nozzles: Optional
  • White LED spotlight: 1 LED
  • Hot tub with piezoelectric pulsators: 2
  • Overflowing spa: Yes
  • Compensation deposit: Optional (2.000 l.)


  • Spa Helmet Colors: White, Blue Marble, Sterling
  • Hull finish type: Acrylic

Compact kit

  • Compact Kit - Filter: D.650
  • Compact Kit - Massage Pump: 2 x 1,81 kW
  • Compact Kit - Blower Pump: 1,3 kW
  • Compact Kit - Filtration Pump: 0,82 kW
  • Compact Kit - Heating: 6 kW
  • Compact Kit - Push Buttons / Control: Piezoelec.
  • Compact Kit - Power required (W): 11.760 W
  • Compact Kit - Power required (A): 18,9 A
  • Compact Kit - Voltage: 400 V III
  • Compact Kit - Ozonator: Optional