AquaVia Essence Hot Tub

216 x 216 - 5 places
Collection Premium Spa

The Aquavia Essence Hot Tub is a well-equipped hot tub which will be a big hit with the 5 people who are enjoying it. It is reasonably-sized (216×216) to make the most of the space, providing its users with absolute and complete wellness thanks to its 2 loungers that face each other in an L shape and its 3 seats opposite to them in a fan arrangement.

It is designed to provide exceptional experiences either for groups or couples, with different layouts of jets and nozzles in each position to offer complementary hydromassages and make it easier to move around the space. Without question, the Essence is sure to be a hit, the result of years of research and development (R&D) aimed at improving the user experience through design and technology.

Added value

As a hot tub from our Premium range, the Essence also offers that something extra that users always want: better finishes, more features and the total quality of Aquavia Spa. We can find these elements in its appearance (continuous Woodermax exterior with no screws or other elements that affect its look) and its fully-equipped interior. It has a total of 75 massage points, spread across 65 water massage jets and 10 air massage nozzles; and let’s not forget its waterfall, its 3 headrests, 2 water fountains and LED lights with bursts of colour for chromotherapy, with the option of adding up to 5 Colour Sense spotlights. It also has an anti-corrosive and non-deforming Metal Frame, a Silent Pump to ensure silence during filtration, high performance pressurised filtration, a dual water injection pump for added power and Aromatherapy to enjoy unique fragrances that don’t make the water dirty. But that’s not all…

As optional features, there is Surround Audio Bluetooth surround sound (controlled from any mobile device), the Wi-Fi Touch Panel to remotely control all of the hot tub’s functions, the Nordic Insulation System, a complete insulation system, especially designed for any jacuzzi installed outdoors and in cold environments and, finally, Blue Connect which analyses the water quality and indicates which chemicals are needed for your hot tub.

The Essence can also be purchased without a cabinet so that it can be installed in-ground or covered with any frame without sacrificing its EcoSpa double insulation system.

All in all, this is a truly versatile hot tub that is spacious but relatively compact, perfect to enjoy with friends and family. A hot tub that is really…essential.

Acrylic Finishes

Color Blanco


Color Blue Marble

Blue Marble

captura alba


Color Pearl Shadow

Pearl Shadow

color silver


Color Sterling Marble


Surround Finishes

aurora sample


Color Grafito


Color Thunder


Color Nogal




dark grey

Dark Grey Soft Rain

Technical data sheet

General specifications

  • Hot tub dimensions (cm): 216 x 216 x 90
  • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 5 (3 / 2)
  • Spas water volume (liters): 930 l.
  • Spa Weight: (empty - full): 327 Kg / 1.257 Kg
  • Spa massage pump: 2 x 1.800 W / 2,5 HP
  • Spa blower pump: 1.150 W
  • Spa filtration pump: 250 W
  • Electric heating of the Spa: 3.000 W
  • Power required: Low Amp (W) / (A) at 230 V: 5.200 W / 22,4 A
  • Spas voltage: 230 V / 400 V III


  • Hot tub number of jets: 65
  • Spa with air injectors: 10
  • Spa with Headrest: 3
  • Spa with digital control panel: Touch panel
  • Ultraviolet Treatment UV: Yes
  • Hot tub with galvanized metal frame: Yes
  • Spa with insulating ABS base: Yes
  • Energy Saving Cover: Yes
  • Colour Sense: 5 LED + lit accessories
  • Stainless Jets / Nozzles: Yes
  • Aromatherapy: Yes
  • Spa with Filter: Cartucho
  • Mueble woodermax: Yes
  • Waterfalls: 1
  • Hot tub with high pressure filtre with cartridge: Yes


  • Nordic Insulation System: Optional
  • Spa Helmet Colors: White, Sterling, Pearl Shadow, Silver, Alba
  • Exterior Cabinet cladding type: Walnut Woodermax, Thunder Woodermax, Graphite Woodermax, Butterfly Woodermax, Dark Grey Soft Rain, Aurora
  • Surround Bluetooth Audio: Optional
  • Touch Panel programable Wifi: Optional
  • Pure Line Lighting: Optional
  • Spa with double thermal insulation EcoSpa: Optional
  • Spa without cabinet: Optional