Segue Yachts Europe Expands its Presence in Spain with a New Segue Motor Yachts Dealer in Barcelona

Barcelona, 17/10/2023 – Segue Yachts Europe, a leading distributor of the prestigious Segue Motor Yachts brand, is thrilled to announce its latest strategic partnership with the esteemed Yolo Developments S.L. – who signed a contract to become a dealer in the picturesque city of Barcelona, Spain.

This collaboration underscores Segue Yachts Europe's unwavering commitment to offering unparalleled luxury and premium motor yachts to the Spanish yachting community. The newly appointed dealership, centrally located in Barcelona, will serve as an exclusive gateway for both local and international clients to experience and acquire the exceptional range of Segue Motor Yachts, celebrated for their impeccable design, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched elegance.

Segue Motor Yachts have been setting the gold standard in the world of luxury yachting since their inception in 1974. Each vessel in the Segue collection represents a harmonious blend of artistry and engineering, resulting in an unparalleled on-water experience that captivates enthusiasts and seasoned yachtsmen alike.

The newly established dealership will present an array of Segue Motor Yachts, allowing clients to immerse themselves in the world of luxury yachting. In addition, the dealership will provide comprehensive consultation services, personalised yacht customisation options, and exceptional after-sales support, ensuring that Segue clients in Barcelona experience the epitome of excellence.

"We are thrilled to welcome Yolo Developments to the Segue family," said Matthew Bullock, CEO of Segue Yachts Europe, a subsidiary of H2O Leisure Group Ltd. "This collaboration strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional luxury and innovation to the yachting community in Spain. The addition of our new dealership in Barcelona is a testament to our dedication to creating memorable yachting experiences for our esteemed clientele."

As part of the celebration of this exciting partnership, a grand launch party will be hosted in Barcelona. The date for this event will be confirmed shortly, and it promises to be an unforgettable occasion, offering attendees the opportunity to experience the luxury and innovation that Segue Motor Yachts are known for.

The inauguration of this new Segue Motor Yachts dealership in Barcelona represents a significant milestone for Segue Yachts Europe as it continues to expand its reach and extend the world of luxury yachting to new horizons.

For more information about the new Segue Motor Yachts dealership in Barcelona, the opulent Segue motor yacht collection, and updates on the launch party, please visit

For more detailed information about the new Spanish Segue Motor Yachts dealer, Yolo Developments S.L, please visit their official website at The point of contact for Yolo Developments S.L. is Mr. Remy Zambarakji, who can be reached at +34 6952 66934 or +34 6130 84843. You may also reach out to Mr. Zambarakji via email at for inquiries and further assistance.

About Segue Yachts Europe:

Segue Yachts Europe, a subsidiary of H2O Leisure Group Ltd, is a prominent distributor of the prestigious Segue Motor Yachts brand. Since 1974 Segue has been recognised for its unparalleled luxury, cutting-edge technology, and exquisite craftsmanship. Each yacht in the Segue collection embodies the brand's commitment to delivering the pinnacle of luxury and unforgettable on-water experiences.

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Matthew Bullock
Segue Yachts Europe
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Segue Yachts Europe is a subsidiary of H2O Leisure Group Ltd -

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