New Four Winns H2e, Electric Boating with Performance and Finish

Four Winns are very well known for their bowriders and deck boats, and now it seems they’re also going to be known for producing a range of stunning electric boats!

The H2e, a 22ft 100% electric bowrider is the first, all electric production bowrider launched on to the market. It is an innovative, pioneering and industry leading launch and, like Four Winns other marine craft is built for the enjoyment, comfortable and exhilarating of its owners and guests.

The Most Powerful Electric Outboard

Don’t let the work ‘comfortable’ fool you into thinking that just because it’s electric it doesn’t perform. The 180E outboard electric engine will drive you through the waves with as much of its 230HP as you choose to use. It will reach around 35 knots, or 40mph, and it will get there with acceleration that is impressive and fun. The 180E is the most powerful electric outboard powertrain globally.

You’ll find a pair of high density, high voltage 700v battery packs, charged by means of a fully integrated charging system onboard. When you pull up you can plug into any dockside charging system for a speedy recharge.

Again, just because it’s a powerhouse, don’t think it won’t handle, remember this is a Four Winns Bowrider first and foremost. The handling is exact, precise and easy to control.

Industry Leading Smart Controls

It comes with all the connectivity to your phone, entertainment, an advanced navigation system and a logbook which automatically records the historical details of your outing. You’ll be able to check the weather forecasts, the status of your battery, even security features – all from the state of the art smart digital display, another world first, specifically designed and manufactured for use in the marine industry.

Sustainable Boating for the Discerning

So, for an eco-friendly, sustainable boating experience, with lower running costs than a fossil fuel engine, that is quiet and tranquil – even when flat out – and leaves behind no exhaust fumes, have a look at a the Four Winns H2e. It’s boating with peace of mind.


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