Attract Even More, Discerning Guests to Your Hotel or Holiday Let

It’s nothing new to have a hot tub in a holiday let or hotel, many upmarket establishments have invested in them over the years because they understand the appeal to guests. Holiday lets and hotels that have a spa for the exclusive use of their guests, rather than a communal spa, report that they are always a good draw.

However, when you take a look at the Aquavia Hotel Spa, you’ll notice straight away how much more refined and aesthetically outstanding it is than the norm.

This quality spa has been designed specifically for hotels and holiday lets, for use either indoors or outside, whichever is required. Which means it has some very superior features which elevate it above its counterparts. For example, hoteliers and housekeeping managers tell us that one of the biggest issues with having hot tubs or spas for use exclusively by guests, is the need to empty them and subsequently refill them between the departure and arrival of their guests.

Aquavia have not only thought seriously about the issue, they’ve solved it completely by developing this equipment, not just for the sheer enjoyment and relaxation of discerning guests, but for the hardworking people that will ensure it is clean and ready for those guests to use at their leisure.

Full to Empty to Full Again in Just 45 Minutes

The Aquavia Hotel Spa will empty in just 15 minutes, which means that, as the rest of the room or suite is being made ready, the spa is getting ready to be cleaned and refilled … and it gets even better because, the spa will automatically refill itself to the correct level over the following 30 minutes – as it has a water level sensor that maintains the water level accurately – so, once cleaned it doesn’t even need to be monitored, and the housekeeping team can move on to their next job.

There are other factors that make it ideal for the hospitality industry as well. The Aquavia Hotel Spa features Ultraviolet Treatment for ultraviolet light disinfection of the water, allowing the amount of water treatment products used to be reduced by up to 80%, reducing the cost as well as the time needed to maintain it.

Suitable for Outside Use in Double Digit Sub-Zero Temperatures

If you decide to site your guest spas outside, the standard unit includes the insulating Energy Saving Cover that is exclusive to Aquavia Spa, there’s even an option of adding the EcoSpa solution, which guarantees 69% energy savings - even at extreme temperatures as low as -15ºC. Enhanced with the Isolated Nordic System, a complete insulation system that is suitable for outdoor installations, you’ll never need worry about your guest spas. There are even four different surround colours you can choose from to match the setting or décor.

Spas are known to increase bookings in hotels and holiday lets, because relatively speaking, not that many people have one at home. So, when you also factor in the fact that the Aquavia Spa is at the top of its range, with quality fittings and equipment and beautiful contemporary styling, and designed and built specifically for the hospitality sector, it’s clear to see why it’s a valuable added draw. It’ll lift the status of any hotel or holiday let and, importantly, increase out of season bookings.

Treat your guests to a real, relaxing and memorable stay at your locations, with Aquavia Hotel Spas.

Contact Teresa now on 01476 978 137 or email at to find out more, your guests will be delighted you did, as will you.

Contact Teresa now on 01476 978 137 or email at to find out more, your guests will be delighted you did, as will you.

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