New 68 Flybridge Boat – Stunning New Design for 2023 from Segue Yachts Europe

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting and luxurious configurations for cruising on the open sea or on large inland waterways is a flybridge boat or motor yacht and the brand new 68 Flybridge boat from luxury motor yacht specialist, Segue, is absolutely stunning.

You’ll find this one of the most desirable boats of its class in Europe, with its balance of luxurious refinement, power, build quality and elegance.

This newly designed boat is one of the latest in the Segue range planned for 2023 and currently being scheduled to be built at one of our four marine workshops in Buenos Aires.

There are currently just five of the 68 configuration hulls planned for production for this coming season and we have two of them allocated to us. As the year progresses, several of the other brand new designs from Segue, ranging from 40 to 100 feet and up, will also be unveiled.

This 68 flybridge boat is a perfect size for numerous sought after marinas in Europe. It’s size and equipment makes it very manoeuvrable while having more than enough space for you to entertaining your guests, or simply enjoy your time onboard with your family.

The finish is outstanding on the new Segue 68 flybridge boat. The use of teak hardwood in many areas, such as the transom platform, cockpit deck, flybridge and stairways, works perfectly with the leather upholstery and stainless steel fittings.

High tech instruments and equipment throughout are used for accurate navigation, ease and comfort and enjoyment.

The twin Caterpillar marine engines will carry you through the clear azure waters to whichever destination takes your fancy. The power is available to you on tap and will kick in whenever you want it to, all the time remaining stable and controllable, it’s a very enjoyable journey at all times.

So, if you choose to moor up in a bay, dining under the stars and relaxing or powerfully scything through the open sea this Segue 68 Flybridge boat will give you endless enjoyment and fun.

At the end of the day, the four berths give you and your guests the perfect place to dream of days to come. You’ll love it.

Take a look at the video rendering of the Segue 68 Flybridge, boat design new for 2023, here on YouTube.

…and of course, if you’d like to order one, just get in touch, we have our allocation but don’t expect them to hang around too long.

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