When is the Tender for a Superyacht Not Just a Tender?

When it’s a wakeboarding, wakesurfing or jet boat!

Every Superyacht needs at least one tender to travel from the yacht to land, and there’s a great deal of choice for owners and managers to consider. However, the choice isn’t restricted to purpose built ‘from yacht to shore’ boats.

Scarab Jet Boat Super Yacht

Centurion, Scarab and Supreme

There’s a huge amount of fun to be had by choosing a sports boat that easily fits the bill for transfer as well as spending time with family and guests riding the waves in the bay, or surfing behind a colour matched boat offshore.

Yes, colour matched. The Centurion and Supreme range of wakeboarding and surfing boats can have their colour schemes customised to match, exactly, the superyacht they’re going to serve. So, not only do they provide a fit for purpose, solid and smooth ride to shore, and have the capacity for all your passengers … it’s clear to see which Superyacht your tender belongs to. That’s all on top of the fact that Centurion’s delivered over 15O personal best performances and placings in the World Championships. With its RamFill System, if you need to take on board ballast quickly, or just don’t like waiting 15 to 30 minutes for the ballast tanks to fill, you will love the fact that RamFill gets the job done in as little as 90 seconds!

CenturionCatalog McClure Edit scaled

Maybe a Super Sports Riva Black Edition or luxurious 285 ID Scarab Jet Boat is more appealing? With up to 600hp jet propulsion Rotax engines to cut through the water, superior handling and Intelligent Neutral and Reverse for improved handling and manoeuvrability, the Scarab range is phenomenal. Known as the Outperformer, Scarab really are made to be used to their full potential. They’re all about fun, while having the capacity and comfort to carry up to 13 people on board safely. So, your Scarab can be used as a tender when visiting the shore, and an out and out sports jet powerboat when it’s time to play.

Scarab Chase Boat

The more discerning superyacht owners who want high quality, dependability, flexibility and performance … without the ‘boring’ are choosing Centurions, Scarabs and Supreme’s. If you don’t explore your options and take one out for yourself, you’ll always wonder.

Contact H2O Leisure Group and we’ll help you make a fully qualified decision that’s perfect for you and your Superyacht.

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