Hygienically and Safely Maintaining Your Swim Spa or Hot Tub Through the Winter

In our humble opinion, there’s no better time to enjoy your hot tub or spa than when it’s cold outside … so, yes, winter time is our favourite time to be keeping fit in a swim spa or relaxing in our hot tub. When talking to other hot tub and swim spa owners, most tell us the same thing.

First things first … picture the scene as you lift the cover and the steam rises, you step in … and it’s wonderful!

Right, now we know how it’s going to feel, what do you need to do to keep your spa or hot tub clean, hygienic and running at optimum?

To be frank, it’s mainly common sense, however there are a few pointers below as reminders just to make sure you don’t miss anything. We’re assuming that your hot tub or spa is switched on and warmed up, so no need to worry about it icing over.

Check Your Water Level Regularly

First things first. The last thing you want is a leaking pipe in the middle of winter. Even the tiniest of leaks can give you much bigger problems. It can cause your pipes to freeze which is a real issue and can do a great deal of damage. So, keep an eye on your water level regularly, if you see a noticeable drop it can indicate there is damage somewhere in the system of your swim spa or hot tub. We don’t want you to worry about it, just to be aware.

You can Boost Your Water’s pH Levels Slightly

It’s suggested that you raise your pH levels in your water a little because colder water tends to be more corrosive to your spa or tubs systems. If you can bring it up to about 7.6 that should be ideal. It can be pain however, we do recommend that you test your pH levels regularly, daily if possible, and keep your water levels more alkaline than you normally would.

Clean, or Better Still, Replace Your Filter Before Winter

You can be as careful as you like but there’s no denying that Winter is always the dirtiest time of the year around your swim spa or hot tub. People unintentionally take ice, mud, slush and dirty water into their spa or tub. Once it’s in there it will inevitably find its way into your filter, which is of course what it’s there for. However, we always recommend that you clean your filter, or replace your filter if that’s what you would normally do, in Winter before you get to the point where the grunge of Winter in your garden finds its way into your Swim Spa or Hot Tub. That way your filter will be clean and ready to handle whatever ends up in your water.

Consider Whether To Use Your Jets

This is really one of those considerations which focuses on the cost of using your swim spa or hot tub. It’s always tempting to enjoy the jacuzzi experience, however, what needs to be thought about is the fact that your hot tubs jets will pull the air from outside. If that air is close to zero degrees, you’ll be cooling your water at a really fast rate and your heating elements will need to work that much harder. Common sense we know but it’s always best to mention because you’ll be languishing in cooler water and it will be costing you more to do it!

Keep Your Swim Spa or Hot Tub Cover in Good Condition

Your cover is important of course, not just to keep out leaves and debris but to keep your water as warm as you want it to be. The better the cover the better it is at insulating the controls, the water and the top of the shell from the cold. Make sure that it fits well and doesn’t have tears and rips, it’s a false economy otherwise because your heating system will need to work harder.

Keep Snow and Ice off Your Swim Spa and Hot Tub Cover

Again, another common sense one for you here. If there’s a build-up of snow or ice on top of your cover, it can weigh far more than you might think. You wouldn’t sit on the cover or let others sit on it so imagine how much a decent fall of snow weighs, especially when it turns to ice. If you do find snow building up, just use a broom or brush to sweep it away … don’t be tempted to use a snow shovel, cold covers tear all too easily.

Stay Safe When Getting in and Out of Your Swim Spa or Hot Tub

I know you may be thinking “Well that’s pretty obvious”, but we have heard of too many incidents not to mention it. We all splash water when getting either in or out and the more we use them, the more it happens.

Water + Freezing Weather = Danger.

Of course, water can be slippery enough but when it freezes it can be all too easy to injure yourself as you rush to leave your spa or tub to get back into the warmth of your home. You’re better off getting a little salt on your shoes than taking a nasty tumble, especially if you’re wearing little or nothing! Just be aware and be careful.

Enjoy Your Luxury

Although the investment in hot tubs and swim spas is a great deal less than it was, they’re still considered a luxury purchase. So, take the time to look after it, look after yourself and make sure you enjoy it, after all, you deserve it!

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